Payday Loans: Fast, No Paychecks, Online, Unsecured, Personalized and Postponed

Payday Loans: Fast, No Paychecks, Online, Unsecured, Personalized and Postponed

A practical guide on small loans 2019 and all the different forms of financing that allow us to receive a small sum of money. Let's see how fast small loans work and how to apply for them even without an online pay check and in a branch. In addition, we will analyze personal loans without guarantees and changed loans.

Small fast loans 2019: how to get money quickly

Small fast loans 2019: how to get money quickly

One type of financing that is always in demand is that of small loans. In fact, it is an immediate solution, for example in case of unexpected expenses. In fact, even for sums of money that are not too high, we often find it difficult to face an economic outlay in a single solution. Thanks to small personal loans you have the possibility to receive the amount of money you need without all the problems related to the request for funding for higher amounts. In fact, in this case all the major credit institutions are more willing to provide a small sum of money. In addition to being an advantage from the point of view of the requisites necessary to obtain the money we need it is also from the point of view of delivery times.

Just the speed of loan delivery is one of the characteristics that are most sought after by customers who need financing. This is because, as we said, often the need to receive a personal loan arises from having to face an unexpected expense, which could be particularly urgent. As a result, a very sought-after form of financing is that of small, fast loans. For sums of money under a certain threshold that is generally set at 5000 euros, it is possible to have the desired amount available within a few hours. This is the great advantage of small, fast loans compared to other forms of financing. In order to access the amount you need with practically immediate disbursement, the best thing to do is to contact one of the major lenders. Without a doubt, turning to the bank of which you are already a customer will be much easier to get small loans fast.

Most companies in fact provide privileged treatments for their customers, who can in fact immediately obtain a small loan. Usually the best way to receive small fast loans is to access your personal area through the company's website or through the App directly from your smartphone. This is an excellent opportunity that is offered to pre-evaluated customers. The delivery times in this case are reduced to the minimum because all the necessary checks will not be necessary as the bank already knows the profile of the customer who made the request and its reliability.

Another form of small, fast, very interesting loan is that of bank credit. This type of financing must be requested in advance from your bank, as it is a credit facility. At the time of the request we will be able to decide the maximum loan to which we can access by simply withdrawing from our account. This means that if for example we are granted a credit opening of 2000 euros we can withdraw from our account cash even if we have a zero or even negative balance : the important thing is that we do not fall below the threshold of -2000 euros. Thanks to the credit bank we can therefore receive small loans fast, indeed immediate, simply by making a withdrawal. Starting from the following month we will have to pay the repayment installments according to the plan agreed with our bank.

Small loans without payroll 2019: what alternative guarantees can we present?

The financing options that we have analyzed so far are certainly very interesting, but it is good to specify that not all are granted small personal loans with this speed and with this ease. Although as we have said a feature of small loans is to be easier to request, in order to get the money we need are still necessary minimum requirements as for any financing. A requirement that is required by all companies is the income document, which is essential to ensure the bank or financial institution that must provide the loan that we will not have problems with the reimbursement. Those who do not have any kind of problem are employees and pensioners, who can guarantee a fixed and secure monthly income represented by salary or pension. What to do if instead you are without a paycheck ? Is it still possible to receive a small personal loan and if so, what alternative guarantees need to be presented?

The small loan without payroll is a product that is worth analyzing as there are many people who are looking for this solution. This is because unfortunately it is very difficult to find a fixed occupation during this period. To obtain a small loan without a paycheck it is essential to present alternative guarantees to it. No credit institution is willing to risk its capital by granting a loan to a client who does not offer minimum guarantees. A category of customers who usually manages to get a small loan without problems even if it is without a paycheck is that of self-employed workers. in this case the alternative guarantee that we have to present is the last tax return and therefore the Single Model. This guarantee does not have the same characteristics as a paycheck because the self-employed person does not have a fixed income every month. Despite this, for small loans are not too many problems because the repayment installments will not be particularly high, so most of the self-employed can deal with them without difficulty.

Who will undoubtedly have more problems in receiving small loans without paychecks are the unemployed. This category obviously includes those who work without having a regular contract, as they can not present any documentation certifying their occupation. In the case of small loans the only solution by which you can still get the amount you need is the presentation of a guarantor. The latter must be in possession of a valid income document and will take care of ensuring in our place. So in some ways it is as if the small loan is granted to the guarantor himself, with the difference that the beneficiary is the customer without income guarantees. The guarantor can be for example a parent, a relative or a friend, who will have a rather delicate role. In fact, he will be the one who will be able to receive the small loan without a paycheck, but in case of non-payment of the repayment installments it will be the guarantor who will be responsible for repaying the bank.

How to receive a small loan online: who to contact and how to request

An aspect particularly linked to the speed of disbursement of small loans is that of the mode of request. The best solution to minimize the waiting time to receive the money we need is the small online loan. To whom should we turn to receive such funding without having to go to the branch? In 2019, it can now be said that all major lenders offer their customers the opportunity to get a small loan online. If for higher sums of money the situation can be a little more complicated due to the greater risks for the bank, in the case of small loans there are no particular problems in this regard.

As already mentioned above this solution is usually offered to those who are already customers of the bank, and who have been pre-evaluated. This is a key aspect as you probably already know any company before making a loan makes an assessment of creditworthiness. Once this phase is over, the customer can easily make the loan request online. This possibility is now offered to us by all the major banks and financial institutions, including, for example, Ultranix, Astrofinance, Cleopar, InDirect, Onecredit and more. It is good to emphasize that turning to these companies security is assured. Despite the fact that you are talking about small online loans you can in fact feel 100% secure thanks to the use of Certified Electronic Mail and digital signature, which allow us to exchange documents in the network just as if we went in person to the branch.

The method of requesting small loans online is extremely simple and is usually practically the same for all lenders that offer this possibility to their customers. The first service that is made available to users of the site is the online loans simulator. Thanks to this software we will have the possibility to calculate a completely free estimate in order to identify at a glance the small loan option that best meets our needs. All we have to do is enter the amount we need and in some cases the purpose of the loan and the duration or monthly rate we prefer. In this way we will present all the financing options that meet our needs, with the monthly repayment installment and the Tan and Taeg interest rates applied for each of the available duration. Evaluating the feasibility according to the installment and the cost based on the rates we can choose the small loan best for us. At this point it will be enough to fill in the relevant form with all the data needed to make the small loan request completely online.

Small loans without guarantees: how to receive loans

The one of the requested requisites is, as always, one of the main topics to be dealt with when talking about any form of financing. In the case of small loans, we often hear about the so-called " small loans without guarantees ". But how is it possible to receive the money we need from a lender without presenting any guarantees? Obviously it is unthinkable that a company can provide a loan, even if it is small amounts, to a customer who does not guarantee in any way a refund in the time provided for in the contract. It would be wrong to make you believe that you can really get a small loan without guarantees. Why then do we talk about this topic? Because in reality for small loans without guarantees we mean those products that allow us to access the amount of money we need even without having the "traditional" guarantees, which are always requested by the banks. In particular, under this definition are income guarantees.

We have already partly discussed this in the section on small loans without paychecks, but it is good to look more closely at the small loan options for the unemployed. The type of small loan without guarantees in a certain sense more famous is precisely that of the loans with guarantor of which we have already spoken earlier. However, this is not the only type of financing without guarantees. Another case in which a small loan can be obtained is through the presentation of what is called " alternative income ". In particular, under this heading are considered, for example, the income deriving from the rental of a property owned. If an unemployed person receives an income of this type, he will be able to obtain the desired small loan without problems, even without having the traditional guarantees. Again as regards the possession of a house by the customer, for some types of financing the mortgage of the property is used as a guarantee. In the case of small loans this does not happen because it is a solution linked to money requests for higher amounts.

Among the forms of small personal loan that allow us to get the money we need even without guarantees it is good to consider the credit on pledge. This type of financing is probably the easiest and quickest to receive. This is because the only guarantee that we will have to present to the credit institution that must deliver the amount we want is any object of value. For example, we can leave the gold jewels or precious stones that we jealously guard in pledge. Sometimes the drastic solution is to sell old jewelry to get the money we need. Thanks to the credit on pledge we can instead use them to receive a small loan, without the need for additional guarantees. How much can we receive on loan? The amount that can be requested will depend on the market value of our object, which will be evaluated when we go to the branch to make the request for financing. Then we can choose the duration and based on the interest rates provided by the credit institution the monthly payment will be defined. At the end of the refund, we will then return our valuable item that will be kept in an extremely safe place.

Small personal loans 2019: some examples of an estimate with installments and rates

To evaluate in detail the economic conditions of the small personal loans available for 2019 the best thing to do is, as always, to request a completely free estimate. Several companies offer their customers the ability to calculate a quote online thanks to the simulator. For all other companies it is still possible to request any type of information and receive a detailed estimate by goInDirectly to the branch to meet a fully dedicated consultant. For some of the major companies we have calculated a small loan estimate online in order to present some practical examples to give you an idea of ​​the convenience or otherwise of these products. In particular we have considered a request for 3000 euros, and in the next tables you can compare the repayment rate and interest rates for each of the available durations.

Ultranix small loan from 3000 euros

6 months € 508.64 5.90 6.07
9 months 341.58 euros 5.90 6.07
12 months € 258.06 5.90 6.07
15 months 207.96 euros 5.91 6.07
18 months € 174.56 5.90 6.07
21 months € 150.71 5.90 6.07
24 months € 132.83 5.91 6.07
36 months 91.13 euros 5.90 6.07

The duration of the small personal loan from Ultranix from 3000 euros goes from a minimum of only 6 months up to a maximum of 36 months. This is because the amount requested is particularly low, so it is not necessary to choose a too high duration. As always, we remind you that as the number of installments increases, the amount we are going to pay for interest increases. The choice of the ideal duration will be strongly conditioned by the expected repayment installment. In this case, a small personal loan from Ultranix for 18 months can be a convenient solution. The monthly payment is within reach of many considering that it will be equal to 174.56 euros, while the interest rates applied will be a 5.90% Tan and 6.07% Taeg.

Calculation installment and interest rates small personal loan Astrofinance 3000 euros

18 months € 177.70 8.20 8.51
24 months € 135.90 8.15 8.47
30 months € 110.90 8.17 8.48
36 months € 94.30 8.20 8.52
42 months 82.40 euros 8.19 8.50
48 months € 73.50 8.18 8.49
54 months 66.60 euros 8.18 8.49
60 months 61.10 euros 8.18 8.50
66 months € 56.60 8.18 8.49
72 months 52.90 euros 8.20 8.52

The small personal loan Astrofinance is a product for which the customer has more choice in terms of duration. This goes in fact from 18 months up to 72 months, although as we have already said it is always better not to choose a duration too high. In particular, we advise you not to go beyond 30 months to not increase the cost of your personal loan too much. By choosing the 30-month Astrofinance loan, the repayment installments will be € 110.90, while the interest rates applied will be a 8.17% Tan and a 8.49% Taeg.

Small Intesa Sanpaolo personal loan of 3000 euros: free online estimate

24 months 137.74 euros 9.50 12,63
36 months 96.10 euros 9.50 11,82
48 months 75.37 euros 9.50 11,40
60 months € 63.01 9.50 11,14
72 months 54,82 euros 9.50 10,96
84 months € 49.03 9.50 10,84
96 months € 44.73 9.50 10.74
108 months € 41.43 9.50 10,67
120 months € 38.82 9.50 10.61

Another bank that we can apply to receive a small personal loan of € 3,000 is Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. As can be seen immediately from the table the duration in this case goes from 24 months up to even 120 months. In the latter case the monthly repayment installment is the lowest in circulation since it is only 38.82 euros, however the interest rates Tan 9.50% and Taeg 10.61% considering the ten-year duration make it rise enormously the cost of financing. For this reason it is definitely more convenient, for example, the small Intesa Sanpaolo personal loan with a duration of 36 months. In this case, the monthly payment will obviously be higher but still within reach, given that we are talking about 96.10 euro, while the interest rates that will be applied by the company will be a 9.50% Tan and 11.82% Taeg

Small 2019 loans: how they work and why to choose them

Small 2019 loans: how they work and why to choose them

To conclude our exhaustive analysis of all the different products that fall into the category of small loans it is good to consider small loans changed. How do these particular loans work? The main feature of the loans being changed is the repayment procedure. As suggested by the name of the product in fact for the return of the amount lent the customer will have to pay the bills that will be issued each month by the lender. From the point of view of the installments there are no particular differences, as the small loans being changed require monthly installments that are defined at the time of the loan request and remain constant for the entire duration of the repayment plan agreed. So far, so there are no differences compared to the small personal loan classic.

The difference between the small loans and the other forms of financing that we have analyzed so far is in the value of the bill. The latter is in fact an enforceable title, which means that thanks to it, if the borrower is not punctual in payments, he could go to a court to request what is due and obtain it through the confiscation of assets. So, in a certain sense, the changed loan is a rather dangerous form of financing, given what is to be expected in case of non-payment of bills. Why choose small loans changed? The very simple answer to this question is that this form of financing is the one that is chosen in the absence of alternatives.

Thanks to this product, in fact, many unemployed people, or for example those who have been reported as bad payers and who can not obtain funding in another way, will be able to receive it through a loan that has been changed. This type of small loan is usually offered by individuals. For this reason we advise you to pay close attention to those you turn when you are desperate for money in a short time. Unfortunately, there are many people who are ready to take advantage of your situation to offer you a loan changed to conditions very unseemly enough to be illegal. In this regard, it is good to know that the Italian law provides for the usury thresholds, which are thresholds related to the interest rates above which the financing is considered just illegal. Small loans can therefore be changed as a good opportunity in the absence of alternatives, but as long as you are sure of the reliability of your lender.



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