Principles of Loan Purchase


Credit redemption is a process of consolidating all your existing credits in order to reduce your monthly payments and allow you to better manage your budget. Do you live in Nancy and you want to do a loan consolidation? 


Principle of the Repurchase of Credit


Before embarking on the purchase of credit, it is important to take stock of the various credits you currently have: list your credits for consumption, car loans, overdraft facilities … Do not neglect any: a Once grouped, you will have a clearer visibility on the amounts to borrow! Once this list is established, determine the total amount of your current monthly payments, as well as the amount of your debt. Then contact a bank advisor or credit agency to start your project.

To set up a credit redemption, your credit agency or bank advisor will evaluate your debt and determine how to include the amount of your outstanding credits in a global credit. You will then have only one monthly payment to settle every month. Warning ! However, this is not a miracle solution. Do not wait until your banking situation becomes untenable to get into the credit buyback. Better always borrow only to the extent of his means.

What are the Benefits of a Credit Restructuring?

What are the Benefits of a Credit Restructuring?



The advantages of the credit redemption are many: they allow you to benefit from a more comfortable living by reducing the amount of your monthly payments and can avoid you a FICP file or an over-indebtedness procedure with the Bank of France. You can also take the opportunity to replenish a small savings and so prepare for the unexpected that you could meet without having to resort to new consumer credit.

Be careful, however, because the repurchase of credit generally presents an interest rate higher than traditional personal loans. Moreover, it is necessary to be wary of loan conditions too good to be true: scams are common, especially on the internet!


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