Cards for Plastic Surgery Patients: Step by Step Process

Let’s say the procedure is to see expression lines removed in your eyes or an eyelid lift surgery. For this type of surgery, you will need approximately $ 2,726. If you plan to have this procedure done in a year, saving $ 227 a month, you can pay cash for your surgery. And the more time you give yourself to do the surgery, the less you will have to save each month. If you decide to do it in two years, you need to save $ 114 a month. If you look at it this way, saving for this purpose is not much in your monthly budget since many times between your cell phone and the cable you pay more than this. To calculate how much you should be saving per month to pay for your elective procedure, simply divide the estimated cost by the number of months before you have it done.

Reduce expenses

When you are clear about how much you need to save monthly to be able to pay for your surgery, you can then evaluate your monthly budget. If you don’t have $ 227 leftover (to continue with the previous example), it’s time to start cutting some expenses in your budget. Now, you have to be realistic, and if you are living paycheck to paycheck and you spend your salary before receiving it fulfilling your obligations, this is not the right time for you to do any elective procedure. To be honest, you shouldn’t even spend on things that are not necessary, and you should focus on achieving financial stability and start saving first to create an emergency fund. But if you are in a more comfortable situation and your budget allows you to cover your needs and manoeuvre with your budget, Then get down to business reviewing each component of your budget and be creative when making cuts.

Consider other sources

Do not forget to review what your health insurance can offer you and see how far you can negotiate the cost of the procedure with your medical provider. Although your health insurance does not cover this type of elective procedure, find out what your coverage is so that you do not pay more. Also, just as you would buy a car, shop around. Of course, when making a decision to have your procedure done, the price is not the only determining factor, but the quality and experience of your doctor, but despite that, ask prices of several surgeons or doctors in the area so that you have an idea of ​​how much the procedure actually costs and have specific data when negotiating the cost of your procedure. Sometimes we don’t have time for all this, But it pays to be well informed and pay a fair price for the treatment you seek. Fraud and price inflation are always the order of the day. It is up to you, as a consumer and patient, to be prepared and protect your health and financial interests.