Ideal Time For Plastic Surgery

  • The Ideal Time For Rhinoplasty Surgery

    These months in which the heat is not yet strongly felt are a good opportunity to undergo this type of intervention, arrive in better shape for summer and have a more comfortable postoperative period.

    Although most plastic surgeries can be performed during any time of the year, doing them in the less hot months may be more comfortable for the patient, especially if it is necessary to use compression suits in the post-operative period and for the care of bruises and scars.

    In the case of liposuction and abdominoplasty, as well as breast surgery in women and gynecomastia in men, it is practical to do them at this time of year to get ready for summer. Suppose it is about surgeries on the face, such as lifting or liposuction of the neck and face. In that case, it may also be advisable to perform them during these months, due to the possibility of using high necks or handkerchiefs to hide the post-operative bruising.

    But regardless of the time, you decide to enter the ward, following the specialist’s instructions is essential to achieve the expected results.

    Important aspects of Rhinoplasty

    As in any surgery, this type of intervention is not without risk, so it is essential to take certain safeguards before entering the ward. Top nose job doctors in Florida have been known for being the most open with their consultations.

    During your visit, the patient should be informed and ask what the surgery involves in general, what are the possible complications that may occur, what should be done in the postoperative period in terms of care and when it is possible to go back to work and resume normal life, including the practice of physical activity. It is also very important that the patient considers the time necessary to carry out an adequate postoperative period.